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One of the most important aspects of our sorority is our sisterhood bond! Being a sister of Delta Alpha Theta means having sisters that will always be there for you and it means always having a support system there for you! Every year we participate in sisterhood events such as craft days, dinner dates, potlucks, retreats and so many more! We love taking every opportunity to bond with each because our sisterhood love is what is most important to all of us! DAT love!


Becoming a DAT girl gives you a great chance to meet new people in all different Greek organizations! This past year we had various different events with Greek groups on campus, some of our highlights being our greek week and sweetheart ball with our brotherhood fraternity Sigma Chi and the sorority Delta Zeta! We love all of our greeks on campus and love having socials with all of them!


In Delta Alpha Theta sorority, academics is one of our pillars and our academics are very important to us. We've developed the use of study logs which help us log our study hours! We receive prizes once we hit our study hour goal and we're always pushing each other to do our very best in school! Becoming a Delta Alpha Theta sister means always having someone to study with at Leddy and always having support in your academic endeavors. 


As sisters of Delta Alpha Theta, we are all passionate about giving back to our community! Every year we participate in various different events in our community, on campus, with other groups on campus and with other Greek organizations! Check out our Philanthropy page to see what events we've been up to lately!

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