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tri-star basketball tournament

Every year the Delta Alpha Theta Optimist club puts on a tri-star basketball tournament for children from ages 4 to 12! It's completely free and it lets children develop their skills as basketball players by competing in dribbling and shooting contests.

 optimist easter egg hunt

This year we continued our tradition of our free easter egg hunt! We hide plastic eggs all around Mic Mac park, and invite children of all ages to participate in our hunt, and then trade their plastic eggs in for chocolate ones! We love being the easter bunny's helpers and we love the look on the children's face when they get enough chocolate to last them until next year's hunt

 say yes to the prom dress

For the very first time this year, some of our sisters were given the opporunity to help out with the Cinderella Project! The Cinderella Project is a day where less-fortunate high school students are able to try on and take home donated prom and semi-formal attire! This year's fall pledge class lent their services for this incredible event, had an amazing time and cannot wait to return next year!

 cibc run for the cure

For two consecutive years now our sisters have gotten together for the CIBC run for the cure. The CIBC run for the cure is a 5 km run that helps raise money and awareness towards breast cancer.  


For the second year in a row our sisters held a pie-a-DAT fundraiser to raise money for the CIBC run for the cure. With a little donation people were able to pie our willing sisters in the face!

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