Hello everyone,


It’s an honour to get to introduce you to Delta Alpha Theta, an organization that has shaped my post secondary career and I’ve called home during my time here at the University of Windsor.


During my years in our sorority I have learned many valuable leadership skills, and made amazing memories with the people I love most along the way. I hope you will have a similar experience with us as well! Delta Alpha Theta is a modern sorority committed to helping women strengthen their abilities to be outstanding female leaders both in their community and their everyday lives, all while providing a strong and loving support system through sisterhood.


Sisterhood is one of our most important factors as we truly do make life long friendships through our time working together. We believe in lifting each other up so we can all thrive together, whether it be through studying together to reach our academic goals or coming together to volunteer in our community so we can bring positive change wherever we can, to simply having a much needed girls night together.  To get a more full understanding of what our sisters live by, I strongly encourage you to check out our Lehoux Standard under the “who we are” section. This is the core characteristics and beliefs Delta Alpha Theta and our sisters hold.  


I hope that you all are able to explore the wonderful world of our sisterhood, it’s a place like no other. With love,

Annie Rinehart

president 2020/2021